How We Create a Custom Solution for You

For 30 years, Unicorn Bags has been manufacturing and supplying breathable polyethylene bags for a wide variety of industries – beginning with fungi growth and the farming industry but now also serving other uses like bioinsecticides, sterilization, artificial meat, and pharmaceuticals.

Our bags create a biological growth environment with an individually controlled environment in each bag that maximizes growth and yield while reducing your costs. With over 30 years in the bag business, our products are time-tested. They can be trusted even for sensitive and sterile applications like biomedical needs.

Unicorn bags can fit custom requirements for your needs. They can aid in many biological applications, including solid-state fermentation, incubation, and power drying. We can manufacture them for you in nearly any volume. Each bag contains a filter mechanism that lets the exchange of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen be customized as well. Our bags are built to withstand high temperatures, so they are perfect for applications that need to remain sterile from start to finish.

At Unicorn Bags, we’re engineers at heart. That’s why we can design the perfect bag and exchange filter for any custom application you need, with ease.

Mushroom Production Bags

  • Generally used for shiitake production and other species that require steam sterilization, these bags are side gusseted:
  • 12.8 inch wide X 19 inch long. Effective filter size: 1-5/8 inch square, polypropylene.
  • Type 14, 0.5 microns
  • Type 14A 0.5 microns
  • Type 3B – can be sealed before autoclaving. 5 microns
  • Type 3T-High efficiency 0.2 microns
  • 15 inch wide X 21 inch or 25 inch long (Type XLS). Effective filter Size: 2 x 3 inch, polypropylene.
  • 9 inch wide X 18 inch long (Type 10 ).
  • Filter types A, T, and B. and with inj port.
  • 7 inch wide X 18 inch long (Type 4).
  • filter types A,T, and B and w/wo inj port.
  • In addition to the above sizes, we can produce many custom sizes. Custom polypropylene bags by Unicorn can be gamma-ray sterilized. Polyethylene and HDPE bags with filters are available.

BioControl Bags

These bags use polypropylene and polyethylene materials and are suitable for steam sterilization and gamma-ray irradiation:

  • Lab use: 7 inch x 9inch with two 1-5/8 x 3 inch filters
  • Large scale production: 15 inch x 25 inch single/double layer with high vent B filter 3 x 15 inch in size.
  • Many custom sizes are available
  • Unicorn Bags are used in numerous applications that require HEPA filtered bags.

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