Visual Identification of Filters

The photos below illustrate the various types of filters that can be incorporated into Unicorn bags:

Tyvek Filters

Unicorn Types B and BN Filters

Our Type B filter has a high gas exchange  characteristics, with over 90% area has pores and pore size is higher than the A filter which is 5 microns. Due to this characteristic B filtered bags can be sealed before autoclaving. Most other bags either the filters  allow competing fungi to go through or too small pores that will pop during autoclaving.

Unicorn Type T Filter – 0.2 micron pore size

Our T filter has 0.2 micron pores and 90% efficient and is designed for spawn producing.

Unicorn Type 14 and 14A Filters

Our Type A filter is designed for shiitake cultivation. It has a nominal 0.5 micron pore size meaning 80% at 0.5 micron and some over and some under. It is also made to have only 50% approximately area for breathing. This allows shiitake mycelium to grow in higher CO2 environment.

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